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Our online store offers you a vast selection of premium cigars from Cuba, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Honduras.

Our team of passionate people, travels every year to the countries of production in order to perfect its knowledge, to define the tendencies, to produce new ranges of house branded cigars, or even to develop private labels for its various prestigious customers.

Our online shop distinguishes itself from its competitors by its unique relationship with the exclusive (Swiss) importers of the cigar brands you buy every day. We do not buy any cigars on the parallel market ! Therefore, we ensure 100% traceability and certification of the cigars we offer for sale to our customers worldwide. belongs to a Swiss family group that has been active in the cigar business for over 40 years.

Our prices are the most competitive on the market for a 100% certified quality of the official import Habanos - Intertabak AG the only Official Importer of Cuban cigars for Switzerland, Davidoff - Oettinger Group AG for the Dominican cigars of this Basel family group, A. Fuente, for the Fuente brand cigars with which we have maintained friendly and commercial relations for over 25 years, and as well as for all brands of cigars imported into Switzerland through their authorized and certified importers.

Mister cigar, your trusted partner for the online purchase of premium cigars.

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Box of 25 cigars in cedar tube.

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Box of 10 cigars.

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Box of 24 cigars.


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